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Rose Gin

This fresh, rose-petal gin was first made to honor our head distiller’s mom, Rose at his little brother’s wedding. Rose had recently passed away, and this was his way to have her there in spirit — literally.

Carefully-tended flowers from her rose garden are slowly vapor distilled with wild roses and plants from the mountains around the distillery to make this an intensely floral gin. After distilling, the gin is then further infused with even more roses to deepen the flavors and give it its lovely pink hue.

  • Nose: Very aromatic, with soft juniper notes, perfumed with fresh rose.
  • Taste: Gentle sweet spice, with distinct rose petal, bright berries, citrus with a nectar sweetness.
  • Finish: Long, floral, rose petals.

Although we love it in a dry martini, lately we've been having it in a G&T garnished with a wedge of lime and fresh mint.



2oz of Glendalough Rose Gin poured into a tall glass of ice.
Top with your favorite tonic.
Garnish with lime and a fresh, slapped sprig of mint.

The lime brings out the citrussy notes of the fresh pine shoots and wood sorrel in the gin, while the mint leaves complement those leafy, floral notes.

We like to give the lime a little squeeze after the gin but before the tonic.

Oh and word to the wise... get everything cold before you start, the tonic, the glass, even the gin. With a simple cocktail like this, any extra touches can elevate a Gin & Tonic to the sublime.